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Check out our Intro to Meditation course below as well as the free audio mini-meditations. 

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Intro to Meditation Course (audio)
Intro to Meditation Course. Receive access to all content immediately.
Each module contains an instructional portion (15 to 25 min) and a separate guided meditation (5 to 20 min). Enjoy the course at your own pace. This is a great course to introduce you to meditation or to new meditation styles. Use it as a starting point, to reboot your practice, or to introduce some variety. Modules:
  1. What is Meditation and Why Meditate / Breath Meditation

  2. The Where, When and How of Meditation / Calming and Grounding Meditation

  3. Building a Meditation Practice / Gratitude Meditation 

  4. Challenges and Pitfalls / Guided Visualization 

  5. Breath Meditation / Breath Meditation Variation

  6. Heart-Centric Meditation / Loving Kindness Meditation

  7. Active Meditation / Walking Meditation

  8. Mindfulness Meditation / Mindfulness Meditation

  9. Relaxing Meditation / Body Scan Meditation

  10. Where to Go from Here / Combined Meditation

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Free 1 minute Mini Breath Meditation (mp3)
Need a quick moment away? Enjoy this short meditative break. A one minute breath meditation to bring space into your day.



Free 1 minute Mini Mindfulness Meditation (mp3)
Need to bring your mind back to the present? Enjoy this short meditative break. A one minute mindfulness meditation to bring you back to the now.